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* Remember – if you are an away player your score will not appear on our Intelligent Golf website unless you specifically state on your scorecard that you haven’t entered your card into your Home Club CDH system. It will however appear here!

Weekly Sweepie: Buddon Blue Tees September 23rd 2018 

Results Points CSS 70 / 71
1st NORMAN REID(11) 35
2nd PETER COUTIE(19) 32
3rd NORMAN FOX(16) 32
4th STAN SHEPHERD(17) 32
5th Alan Clements(14) 31
6th Andrew Gilbride(8) 29
8th JOHN JEANS(21) 23

6 Responses to Weekly Sweepies

  1. iain burnett says:

    is this mr gilbrides new number because every time I text him it comes back as wrong number


  2. iain burnett says:

    ok captain will put it in my xbox


  3. iain burnett says:

    hi jim can you tell us why no sweepie result have been posted or on the board at hq. we need to know of any handicap changes for the comps plus I think big dave Ritchie is a bandit as he has never been cut with the scores he is posting


    • jimisim1 says:

      Hi Iain, results are posted on Intelligent Golf website as usual. I will post to Station Masters site and copy to the noticeboard when I get some time! Dave’s been cut 0.3 but playing handicap is the same.


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