Welcome to the website of

   The Station Masters Golf Club    

Carnoustie  Scotland


  • Check out our latest sweepie results – click on menu tab

  • Club Competition draws 2019 – click on menu tab


Swans heading for the pond at the 11th

  • Station Masters Merchandise: There is a selection of our most popular merchandise items (click at top of page). If you fancy something else, a full catalogue is available at http://www.eagleleisurewear.co.uk – Let us know and we will get you prices.

* Remember this is an an interactive website – you can leave a comment at anytime. As you know – the Committee is extremely open-minded but will reserve the right to publish or not – as the case may be!!

One thought on “HOME

  1. Thanks to all at stationmasters for the laughs and wee bit o banter over the last 9 years it’s a great club and I’ve enjoyed it good luck to u all fae the Hatton teuchter aka George Anderson


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