Scramble subterfuge revealed

Committee take decisive action

The winning team in last month’s Texas Scramble comprising Doherty, Fulton, Burke and Reid has been relegated to last place following a Committee investigation into alleged duplicitous behaviour on the part of their team marker. Runners-up on the day and new

The culprit tries to do a runner when exposed
The culprit tries to do a runner when exposed

undisputed winners Gilbride, Meek, Shepherd and Anderson have been elevated to the top spot. Suspicion fell on Reid and co. immediately they were announced as winners, when shouts of “how the **** did they manage to win?” were clearly audible from other competitors assembled in the Club. Unfortunately, no official complaints, moans or queries were received within the allocated 20 second time period so the Committee were powerless to review the submitted scorecards at that stage. Following sustained grumbles since the tournament from certain discontented competitors and a thorough Committee investigation, it transpired that Nor Reid (aka Greentractorman or ‘the cheatin teuchter’) had only recorded scores for 15 holes, not 16 as required under the rules. The scorecards had been checked and collated by serial organiser and adder-upper, Brian Morton who, when questioned said, “when it became clear that me and David weren’t going to win again, I may not have paid as much attention to the other cards as I should have”.  Meantime, when put on the spot, a rather sheepish Nor Reid, not used to figures (apart from those of young eastern-european berry-pickers), said “Ye ken, I didna mean te cheat. Its like plooin a field …. efter one dreel, ye kinda loose coont! I tak fill respon, repsonsib, repsonbi, blame fir the mistack, ye ken”.

Having reviewed all the evidence it is the decision of the Committee that Reid’s incompetence was a genuine mistake. The team of Doherty, Fulton, Burke and Reid are relegated to last place and they keep what was the first prize of a bottle of wine which is now classified as a ‘booby prize’. The new winners Meek, Gilbride, Shepherd and Anderson retain the re-classified 2nd prize, now the first prize of a lovely box of Milk Tray. For the record, the teams of Soutar, Lawson, Muir and Mann and Norrie, Low, Simpson W and Fox finished joint 3rd.

Morton is cleared of negligence due to being in shock at the time because he and David hadn’t won anything.

The other five teams who took part in the competition were reported to have commented, “who cares? … it’s the taking part that counts”.

See you all in December for the annual Texas Scramble 2015!!

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