Former Pro pays fees

Steve Logan coughs up

Former pro Steve Logan has finally stopped procrastinating and paid his membership fees! stevelogan2Logan, once a revered authority on the finer points of the game we all know and love, had steadfastly refused to pay his annual Club fee until he had been served with the appropriate notice. This week however, he was forced to concede that his good friend and playing partner, Mr Muir had failed to deliver the notice to him timeously, as agreed (see Reader’s Letters Page). Secretary Coutie graciously accepted Logan’s fees at HQ yesterday evening, witnessed by the impartial Mr John Burnett. However, on closer inspection of the contents of Mr Logan’s deposit, it was discovered that the full amount may allegedly not have been forthcoming… Investigations into the circumstances surrounding this anomaly continue apace.

steve logan1








 *The Committee would like to point out that at this stage, Mr Logan is not suspected of any impropriety. The fact that Mr Coutie suddenly found enough money to buy a round is currently being investigated. No stone will be left unturned!!

Keep tuned for the next instalment …

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