Former Pro withdraws from Club competitions

Steve Logan pulls out of Club competitions

Form2015-05-24 15.26.59er Club Pro Steve Logan has pulled out of this year’s Club competitions citing ‘pressure of work’ as his excuse reason. Logan, who has recently taken up a new position, said “I never realised just how stressful and demanding this line of work can be”. As the deadline for the 1st round ties draws near, Logan leaves long-term partner, former Vice Captain, Captain Holland in the lurch. Under the ‘Rules’ however, as long as no ties have been played, substitute partners are allowed and word has filter through to Station Masters HQ that Captain Holland has surprisingly managed to find a new partner at the 11th hour. Thsilhouette golfere identity of Holland’s partner remains shrouded in mystery as he explained “My new partner is a long-standing Club member with impeccable credentials and a fantastic track-record. I will confirm their identity as soon as possible”. Mmm – the plot thickens. We all wait with bated breath!!


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