Masters Annual Away-day Outing

Drumoig hosts 2015 Masters Away-day Outing

A smaller-than-normal contingent packed their bags and headed across the great divide of the River Tay to Drumoig Golf Course in the Kingdom of Fife. The 10-strong team of regular wdrumoig10orthies took advantage of a window in the wet and windy weather of recent days to compete for the prestigious ‘Kiwi Shield’, donated by Graham Bell, serial visitor to our shores. Worthy winner was the ever-popular, Andy Gilbride. Team prize went to the fantastic trio of Martin Connor, Derek Phinn and Jim Simpson. Nearest the pin was Derek Phinn and Longest Drive was (him again) Andy Gilbride. Brian Morton picked the winner in the draw so won a bottle of wine -(it should be noted that he wasn’t really a winner, simply the recipient of good fortune in a game of chance!). The members enjoyed a great day’s golf followed by a lovely meal before retiring to HQ to watch Andy Murray competing for ‘Great Britainshire’ in the French Open. All-in-all a good day out – mildy ruined when Murray got stuffed the following day by Djokovic!

The 'A' team
The ‘A’ team
The 'B' team
The ‘B’ team
The 'Z' team
The ‘Z’ team

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