Station Masters team win 2022 Gary Player Salver competition

The Station Masters GC team comprising Keith Chalmers, Ali Dennis, Bobby Garland and Tony Coffield secured a fantastic win in this year’s Gary Player Salver competition over the Burnside course last Sunday.

The annual competition is a 4 player, best 2 of 4 net scores team event and is open to all Carnoustie clubs associated with Carnoustie Golf Links.

The final scores for participating teams were: New Taymouth GC (132), Dalhousie GC (131), Caledonia GC (129), Mercantile GC (128), Carnoustie Ladies GC (127) Carnoustie GC (125) and Station Masters GC (116).

Many thanks to Keir and the Carnoustie Golf Links Development Team for staging the event and congratulations to our team on their remarkable win!

Gary Player Salver team 2022
Station Masters Gary Player Salver team 2022. Bobby, Tony, Ali and Keith.